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yfrog Photo : http://yfrog.com/gzrtgxdj Shared by LyndsyMFonseca.
yfrog Photo : http://yfrog.com/h0fhwrjj Shared by LyndsyMFonseca.
yfrog Photo : http://yfrog.com/h2sacajj Shared by LyndsyMFonseca.
yfrog Photo : http://yfrog.com/h8mc3dwj Shared by LyndsyMFonseca.
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“Fringe” Vs. “Nikita”: Only One Can Make the “Renew Our Show!” Finals - TVLine.
Nikita fans and dog lovers have you picked up your copy yet? on Twitpic.
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devon sawa’s photos | Plixi.
devon sawa’s photos | Plixi.
yfrog Photo : http://yfrog.com/h430mkqj Shared by LyndsyMFonseca.
yfrog Photo : Shared by lyndsymfonseca.
yfrog Photo : Shared by MaggieQ : Nikita’s phone. Is this not hilarious?
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Nikita - Television Tropes & Idioms. Under News & Reviews
PIMP POST: Nikita. Under Recruitment Manual.
Shane West Fan. Under Character Sites.

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A little-seen back corridor of Nikita’s lair set. on Twitpic.
Yfrog Photo : yfrog.com/gz5xgwmj - Shared by MaggieQ: Fighting this dude today. damn....
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In the Media:
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At the writers offices today for DVD interviews. Cheerleaders... on Twitpic.
Yfrog Photo : yfrog.com/h0xf4qekj - Shared by MaggieQ: Raw nuts and seeds make Nikita a strong girl.....
Yfrog Photo : yfrog.com/h2ncdtfj - Shared by MaggieQ: Flipping and rolling around at a gymnastics gym. Check out my master, joe eigo in mid air!!!
Yfrog Photo : yfrog.com/h3gq0fbj - Shared by MaggieQ: Awwww shit! Nikita hockey team!!!! Captain baby!!!!
Yfrog Photo : yfrog.com/h3pt7rjj - Shared by MaggieQ: Alright, only teeting this because u can't see my sweaty gross-ness! :) ha! Back flips with master!
Yfrog Photo : yfrog.com/h6om4otj - Shared by MaggieQ: Nikits's closet....look at our costume designer scratching her head! :) ha. Tooooooo much!
Yfrog Photo : yfrog.com/h7k4cyej - Shared by shanewest_1: Watching Nikita's hockey team kick butt! Undefeated still! Black and red :)
Yfrog Photo : yfrog.com/hshxalcj - Shared by shanewest_1: The boys! Ummmm workin hard? Or hardly workin? ;) jk
Yfrog Photo : yfrog.com/hsik4elj - Shared by MaggieQ: The canadians out there have to be proud..eh??

NIKITA Survival Game - TWoP Forums.
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Nikita - Lyndsy Fonseca Shines In Shape Magazine - Gallery
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Nikita preview for 1.17 "Covenants" (discussion of 1x16)

Tweet Pics:
Getting makeup before my interview for the NIKITA Season 1 DVD. on Twitpic
Maggie did this to me and Aaron Stanford....make-up truck.
Diva!! Lol
@Tiffanyhines1 and Bentley getting ready for work!! Too cute :)
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In the Media:
SpoilerTV Facebook Show League Table *Updated*
Shane and Maggie photoshoot for People Magazine
Photos! Best of 2011 Fall Fashion Week
Inside the World of Nikita with Actor Xander Berkeley
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Maggie Q's Twitter Account

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Tweet Pics:
Hot off the presses! @SyFy mag hooking up #Nikita fans w/ thi... on Twitpic
Jeffrey Hunt's photos | Plixi: SPOILER: RETURNING CHARACTER
Jeffrey Hunt's photos | Plixi: (Lyndsy)
Jeffrey Hunt's photos | Plixi: SPOILER: RETURNING CHARACTER
Jeffrey Hunt's photos | Plixi: (Melinda & Shane)
Jeffrey Hunt's photos | Plixi: (Maggie)
Shane West in Division HQ for #NIKITA episode 118
On the NIKITA set: director Jeff Hunt sets up a shot: SPOILER: RETURNING CHARACTER
Me [Albert Kim] and Jeff Hunt on location for #NIKITA episode 118
Tiffany's Photos | Plixi (SPOILER)
Tiffany's Photos | Plixi (Tiffany, Lyndsy & Thad)
Tiffany's Photos | Plixi (Tiffany, Albert Kim - writer)
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This is an incomplete list of kickass posts, works, and items that can be used to show people why they should watch Nikita. Or the "OMG, Watch Nikita" recruitment kit.

PIMP POST: Nikita by [livejournal.com profile] rogueslayer452
This pimp post gives a great overview of why you should watch Nikita. Are you a wary LFN fan? Do you want to see what separates Nikita from all the other network shows? Were you turned off by the FAIL of the OMGSEXY!CW promos? Most, if not all your questions and concerns will be answered and addressed in this awesome post.

Why Cam thinks Nikita is an awesome show (and will try to lure you to watch) by [livejournal.com profile] misscam This post gives an excellent breakdown of why you would be watching Nikita. From the characters to the plot and everything in between, you'll be wondering how a show can be this good and if you're not watching it yet, why aren't ya?

Threnody by [personal profile] bop_radar
This vid shows how awesome Nikita and Alex are, what they went through, their struggles inside Division, and how they get through it all. It's filled with darkness, angst, joy, and badassery. In the end people will be asking themselves why they haven't been watching!

SHE WALKS SOFTLY, BUT SHE CARRIES A BIG GUN by [livejournal.com profile] readthesubtext [via [personal profile] eatsscissors]
A tribute to the BAMF that is Nikita/Maggie Q. You'll see her fighting with her fists, her guns, and anything handy, including the very chains that held her captive. She absolutely will not stop, ever, until your ass has been kicked.

Why Everyone Should Watch Nikita (A Ladies Picspam) by [personal profile] be_themoon
A picture is worth a thousand words and this picspam shows you the kickass ladies in Nikita. From the main character in the title to the guest stars, the women are routinely awesome without being self-congratulatory. It's just who they are.

Nikita by [personal profile] trascendenza
Why is the show called Nikita? Because she's so badass nothing else needs to be said but her name. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH!

10 Reasons You Should Watch Nikita by [livejournal.com profile] timeasmymeasure
You need more reasons to watch? Here we've got 10.
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Hey man, thanks for dropping by Shadownet. SauronPercyNikita says my mad skillz can be used for good, so here I am, helping them get the down low on whatz happenin', it's not that I don't have any friends!


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This post = pseudo Wiki. Comment if there's a date to be added or corrected, this basically lists anything that is accompanied with a date on the show, however minute. SPOILERS UP TO LATEST EPISODE!

  • Edward Adams is born. He is a member of Oversight, with the position of General, codename Ares (1948-2011).

  • October 11: A Caucasian male who reported one of Birkhoff's cybercrimes/hacks in 2003 is born. (1x12)

  • March 15: Birthdate of one of Michael's aliases, Daniel Pope, according to the passport (type P) he used to go to Tashkent, Uzbekistan [According to Albert Kim, show writer, not Michael's actual birthdate] (1x9).
  • August 31: Malcolm Mitchell, CIA consultant is born in Toledo, Ohio. (1x21).

  • March 23: Daniel Monroe's birth date according to his tombstone (1x1)

  • January 23: Nikita's 'real' birthdate according to her file in the black box (Also in the black box, her 'real' name: Nikita Meers, 5'5", mother: Ahn Pham, no siblings.) (2x6)
  • January 30: Nikita's mother died, also according to her black box file. (2x6)
  • March 15: Nikita's birth date according to her passport, year is also available on her fake tombstone. (1x3, 1x6).

  • February 14: "Anna Harcourt"'s birth date according to her intern profile. Employee ID: 6654A643 A34, Place of Birth: Bethesda, MD, Job: Intern, Section 5A. Education: Bachelor's degree in Baltic Slavic, studied GWU. (1x8)

  • Alex is born. (1x6, 1x12)

  • Birkhoff, as Shadow Walker, hacks into the Pentagon. (1x12)

  • Ari Tasarov, a member of the KGB, is drafted by the GRU (1x08).
  • March 23: A female Caucasian, victim of one of Birkhoff's cybercrimes/hacks, is born. (1x12)

  • Tasarov goes private with Gogol (1x08).
  • Malcolm Mitchell graduates Ohio State University with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. (1x21)
  • Haley, Michael's daughter is born--she will be four when she dies in 2001 (2x05).

  • Tasarov's son is born (1x08).

  • Nikita (16 years old) runs away from her foster parents, Gary & Caroline, falls into the wrong crowd, does drugs (1x1).
  • Malcolm Mitchell graduates from Stanford University with a M.Sc in Computer Science. (1x21)

  • August 6: Passport is issued for one of Michael's aliases, Daniel Pope (1x9)

  • March: Michael is in Naval Intelligence stationed at Yemen. (1x9)
  • March 21th: Michael's family is killed in a car bomb set by Kasim Tariq on Percy's orders originally meant to kill Michael. (1x17)
  • March: Percy recruits Michael into Division after stopping him from committing suicide at a military hospital. Kasim is still on the Division payroll as he knows about the recruitment. NOTE: Kasim noted it was '9 years ago' from (1x17) that Percy recruited Michael into Division. A possible mistake here because it would be 2002 but (1x9) specifically indicated March 2001 during this recruitment scene.
  • Nikita (18 years old) is charged with Murder in the First Degree (other criminal records: Felony possession of a controlled substance: heroine, Miscellaneous Drug Misdemeanors) for killing a cop though she doesn't remember and sentenced to death by lethal injection. (1x1, 2x6)
  • Malcolm Mitchell graduates from MIT with a Ph.D. in Microsystems Technology. [Membership: Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Areas of Expertise: Cryptography, Side-Channel Decryption, Acoustic Cryptanalysis, Differential Fault Analysis]. (1x21)
  • Michael supervises the raid on the P9 compound in Eustice, Owen is on the strike team tasked to save Joseph Mars per Percy's orders--Joseph Mars will end up creating the Guardians' regime, working under Percy for two years before disappearing. (2x02)
  • July 5: A police report on Seymour Birkhoff is filed, most likely in another country which uses the dd/mm/yy format for dates. Persons of interest include (a) victim: an 8 year old Caucasian female born March 23, 1995 and (b) reporting person: a 43 year old Caucasian male born October 11, 1960. (1x12)

  • January: Operation Game Change (code: XD-553 5322)--authorized by Ares--in which 1 billion dollars in Iraq reconstruction funds was heisted by Division in Basra--Roan appeared to be the lead agent. Captain Tony Merrick was in charge of the ensuing Pentagon investigation. He opted to stay in military prison for 30 years on the framed charge of beating an Iraq civilian to death when Division threatened his son Justin. (2x1)
  • Nikita is brought to Division after a faked execution. (1x1)
  • September: Amanda and Percy concoct a plan for Nikita's fake dad, Richard Ellison. Michael manages to talk some sense into Nikita, the plan is shelved. (2x06)
  • Nikita makes the shellbox as a recruit. (1x11)
  • As a recruit, Nikita interrogates a captured 'Chinese secret service agent' and ends up in a 'Chinese' prison for assassinating the Chinese president , but it was actually a test by Division. (1x6)
  • Nikita is activated, goes on her first op as a nanny for Sophie (Mom: Lisa) and makes her first 'kill', Victor Han. (1x4)
  • Malcolm Mitchell publishes a paper titled "Electromagnetic Emission and Van Eck Phreaking." (1x21)

  • Alex's father trains Alex in the Russian wilderness, next to their mansion (1x12)
  • Nikita captures Ramon in Paris in Operation Knightfall before he assasinates a American oil mogul, Ramon is made to work for Division after Percy disables him by shooting him in the spine. (2x03)
  • February: Alex's parents are killed by Division in Operation Pale Fire by the order of Oversight with the help of Nikolai Udinov's right hand man, Sergei Semak. Nikita is the one to shoot her father, but saves Alex (then 13 years old) and drops her off with a family friend loyal to Nikolai Udinov at the edge of the estate during the kill operation. Nikita was on the Alpha team with Roan. (1x6, 1x15, 1x21)
  • Alex (as Sasha) is sold to Vladimir Ivanov (1x15)
  • Sara (16 years old) gives birth to a son, later to be named Daniel by the adopted parents. (1x7)
  • Nikita accompanies Percy to a gala to distract some VIPs (1x1).
  • Michael utilized the raven protocol on Operation Looking Glass (Authorization--Ares) with Cassandra Ovechkin to successfully replace the president of Belarus with a doppleganger. (2x05)
  • 9 months later, Max is born. (2x5) (Also, possibly sometime in 2006).

  • Nikita is sent on a solo mission to St. Petersburg, Russia. Michael later joins as her date to the black tie event. Michael tells Nikita about his family and Kasim. (1x17)
  • Percy sends Nikita to assassinate Ari Tasarov, but he had his 8 year old son with him at a basketball game in Kayseri Stadium, Ankara, so she aborts the mission. (1x8)
  • Division invents the kill chip, integrated circuitry in the brain, remote kill access. (1x12)
  • Nikita plants the chip inside a North Korean cabinet member, Mao Chin Woo(?), during his subdural hematoma operation by infiltrating a military hospital during full lockdown. (1x12)
  • Mao Chin Woo(?) dies of a 'aneurysm' in front of the UN. (1x12)
  • Malcolm Mitchell publishes a paper titled "Constant Weight Code and Hamming Weight Information Leakage." (1x21)

  • The presumed birth year of Max, as told by Cassandra to Michael, by saying it was two years after he left. (2x5)
  • Malcolm Mitchell publishes a paper titled "A New Method for Dual-Rail Encoding Using Fredkin Gates in Reversible Computing." (1x21)
  • Operation Superdollar, Nikita 'killed' Whitfield the banker and took his counterfeit money. NOTE: Michael says it was 'over three years ago' instead of 'four years ago', making it at least after February, when 1x16 took place, but before Daniel's death, given Gustav made a package for both Whitfield and Daniel (1x16)
  • April: Nikita meets Daniel, a web designer, falls in love within three months. (1x1)
  • Nikita is pulled from deep cover with Daniel and goes on a mission to get information from Voss as Josephine in Paris, France. (1x14)
  • July 17: Daniel's death via his tombstone (1x1)
  • Nikita escapes Division during mission Broken Eagle in Turkey by faking her death. Her partner Kelly was presumed killed in action but was actually tossed in a Turkish prison. (1x1, 2x4)
  • Nikita starts searching for Alex (1x2)

  • January 3: Jill Morelli is issued her New York driver's license ID # 2297165***. Her address is listed as 734 Hester St(reet), New York, NY 1****. SEX: F, EYES: GR, E: NONE, R: B. (1x3)
  • Feburary 12: Date of issue for Nikita's passport (No. YRHTJL632, Type D, Authority: Passport Office) on file at Division. Passport indicates place of birth is Ann Arbor, Michigan. (1x3)
  • Nathan and Alex got married in her hallucination (1x16)
  • Nikita finds Vlad while looking for Alex. She gives him a wound around his neck, releases his girls and burns down his business. Vlad moves his brothel to an old fur storage building. (1x15).
  • A bombing in Beijing was perpetrated by Kasim (1x17)

  • Nikita rescues Alex from Ronnie, detoxes her, and takes her to her own grave site (1x6).
  • Training Alex. (1x1)

  • Thom is recruited into Division (or late 2009, "almost a year ago"). (1x01).
  • May: Alex and Nikita decide to infiltrate Division - 6 months before insertion (1x11)
  • June-August: Nikita and Alex go over her cover story before insertion. (1x15)
  • August: Nikita explains to Alex about Operations - 3 months before insertion (1x3)
  • August 9: Ben Prentice is issued his student ID for North Virginia State (1x3).
  • September: Jaden is recruited into Division ("two months ago"). (1x01)
  • October: Alex reads poetry for the text-to-speech program, Nikita and Alex have a chat about friends & enemies. (1x7)
  • October: Alex and Nikita decide on target Kyle Lenkov (white male, medium skin tone, located in Detroit, O blood type, tested. Location ID #6664_04332, 190 cm tall) as a way to get recruited into Division - one week before insertion (1x11)
  • October: Nikita and Alex stage a robbery in Detroit, Michigan. Nikita kills Kyle Lenkov, Alex is arrested and put in prison. (1x1)
  • October 7: Jill Morelli meets Ben Prentice (student @ North Virgina State University) in a movie theater playing Elmo in Blacksburg, Virginia (1x3)
  • November 1: Alex 'died' by suicide according to prison coroner records (1x1)
  • Nikita back on Division's radar, classified as a priority target, threat level six. (1x1)

  • February 14: Nikita and Ryan work together to obtain a dirty bomb from Voss, a Gogol defector. Alex begins relationship with Nathan. (1x14)
  • May: Operation Grey Rain: Division sparked a riot in Chiayi, China over tained water supply. (2x07)
  • 3 days prior to Michael showing up at Nikita's place, he started satellite sweeps in Chechnya looking for Kasim. (1x17)
  • July: Division stages factory fire in Ireland (2x07)
  • September: Oversight member Ares (Gen. Edward Adams) is found to have 'committed suicide' over his involvement in the Basra heist in Iraq--most likely the other members of Oversight ordered his death. (2x1)
  • President Ovechkin of Belarus killed his personal bodyguard. (2x5)
  • A month later, Ovechkin declares martial law after putting his personal assistant to death for treason. The bodyguard and his personal assistant knew he was a fake. (2x5)
  • October 18: Belarus State Dinner held at the presidential palace, Nikita and Michael attempted to assist Cassandra in escaping Belarus. Sean and Alex team up to kill Ovechkin and one of his bodyguards, Volkov (2x05)
  • November: Walter Bendavid, a researcher at Brightling Pharmaceutical is killed by Roan on the order of Oversight member Midas--Jonathon Gaines, former chairman of the SEC turned hedgefund manager (2x07)

  • February 12: Date of expiration for Nikita's passport on file at Division (1x3).

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