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In the Media (May Contain Spoilers!)

Channel Guide: The Top 10 TV Big Shots of 2010-2011 | Film School Rejects.
Maggie Q Visits Young Hollywood Studio «
Nikita Boss Solves Finale Mysteries, Shares (Probable) Season 2 Scoop - TVLine.
“Nikita” exec drops season two hints - Nikita News - TV - Digital Spy.
“Nikita” star: “CW milking renewal decision” - Nikita News - TV - Digital Spy.
Nikita’s Lyndsy Fonseca: Yes, Someone ---- in the Finale - Today’s News: Our Take |
The Vampire Diaries - Michael Trevino Cozies up to Lyndsy Fonseca - Gallery.
TV Romance Competition - Damon & Elena (Vampire Diaries) vs. Sookie & Eric (True Blood) & Sawyer & Juliet (LOST) vs. Nikita & Michael (Nikita) | Spoiler TV.
Watch: Maggie Q talks Priest and the fate of Nikita -

1x21-1x22 Reviews & Recaps
Nikita – Has this show opened its own Pandora’s Box? | CliqueClack TV.
Nikita – Pandora review « Van’s Inner Universe.
Nikita 1.22 “Pandora” Recap and Review |
Nikita Fans – What did you think of “Pandora” Episode?
Nikita Fans: – The Television Fangirls.
Nikita finale recap | PopWatch |
NIKITA “Pandora” Review | Daemon’s TV.
Nikita “Pandora” S1 E22 Review + Recap « Media Consommé.
“Nikita” Season 1, Episode 22 (Season Finale) Recap.
Nikita Season Finale Advance Review: Five Reasons to Watch.
“Nikita” season finale preview: Why you need to watch “Pandora” - From Inside the Box - Zap2it.
Nikita Season Finale Review: “Pandora” - TV Fanatic.
Nikita: “Pandora” Review - TV Review at IGN.
Nikita: The End? « Splat Talk.
Nikita’s season finale redefines “going rogue” - Los Angeles TV Insider |
Review #2518: Nikita 1.22: “Pandora” « Critical Myth.
Review: Nikita – Pandora | Film School Rejects.
The CW Source: Nikita recap: Pandora.
The TV Obsessed: Review - Nikita Season 1 Episode 22 Pandora.
TV Reviews | Player Affinity | Nikita - Pandora.
TV with Abe: What I’m Watching: Nikita.

BubbleWatch: The CWs Nikita -
CW season ratings [Nikita, Smallville, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill, 90210] | TV Series Finale.
Hollywood Entertainment Breaking News - Nikki Finke on
Ratings Clack – Iffy results for the first full week of sweeps | CliqueClack TV.
Save One Show 2011: And the Winner Is... - E! Online.
The Brioux Report: Big Bang beats Canucks, Race to... -
TV Ratings Thursday: “American Idol” Dominates; “Bones” Rises; “Big Bang,” “CSI,” “Grey”s Anatomy,’ “Community,” “Office” Hit Lows - Ratings | TVbytheNumbers.
TV Ratings: Thursday May 12, 2011 (An Embarrassingly Low Number of You Tune into an Epic COMMUNITY Season Finale) | the TV addict.
TV show ratings [Outsourced, Nikita, CSI, Bones, Vampire Diaries, Big Bang Theory] | TV Series Finale.

Ask the Addict: Spoilers for HOUSE, NIKITA, BONES, SMALLVILLE & More! | the TV addict.
Mega Buzz: An NCIS Face-Off, Smallville’s Big Finish and a Bones Death - Today’s News: Our Take |
Nikita Season Finale Sneak Peeks: “Pandora” - TV Fanatic.
Nikita Season Season 2 Scoop: What Now? - TV Fanatic.
Spoiler Chat: Is Damon Doomed on The Vampire Diaries? - E! Online.

Fan Fic
A Tortured Future by Frankies Girl 21 [Michael/Nikita] (T)
Corrupted by MorningGloryBlue [Alex] (T)
Everything For You Chapter 2 by pinkharts [Ensemble] (K) [WIP]
Extraction, Chapter 12: The Play Begins by [ profile] Sushi [Michael/Nikita] (Teen+) [WIP]
Mikita Ep 22 remix by lovinbadasstony [Michael/Nikita] (T)
Running From Cancelation Chapter 12: Different Than Expected by Starlight1746 [Nikita, Alex] (T) [WIP]
Running From Cancelation Chapter 13: Nearly There by Starlight1746 [Nikita, Alex] (T) [WIP]
Source Code Chapter 2: Move by LIttleMagpie [Birkhoff/OC] (T) [WIP]
Source Code Chapter 3: Riot by LittleMagpie [Birkhoff/OC] (T) [WIP]
Source Code Chapter 4: Burn It To The Ground by LittleMagpie [Birkhoff/OC] (T) [WIP]
Source Code by LittleMagpie [Birkhoff/OC] (T) [WIP]
Stay by EvaBlythe [Michael/Nikita] (M)
Unpaved Roads, Chapter 2: A Tangent by [ profile] jyorraku [Ensemble] (Teen+) [WIP]

Fan Fests
femslash11 | Vote VOTE femslash11 Listed Fandoms!!!

Viewing party for the #NIKITA finale. on Twitpic.


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