May. 9th, 2011

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In the Media (May Contain Spoilers!)
“90210′”s Tristan Wilds And “Nikita”’s Shane West Talk Teen Angst On ‘When I Was 17′.
Bones - Bones Guest Star Tiffany Hines on Her Music and Acting Careers.
Exclusive: Nikita Star Xander Berkeley Reveals Secrets of Percy, Teases Season-Ending Surprises - TV Fanatic.
Losing Momentum Can Be Detrimental to Television Shows: How to Stop the Hemorrhaging | the TV addict.
Lyndsy Fonseca promises the two-part ’Nikita’ season finale “gets crazy!” - Los Angeles TV Insider |
New Kid on the Block Jordan Knight and actors Tristan Wilds and Shane West reveal teen tales on MTV’s “When I Was 17” | PopWatch |
“Nikita” star confirms finale - Nikita News - TV - Digital Spy.
“Nikita” Star Melinda Clarke Teases Amanda’s Past, Alex’s Present and the Show’s Future.
Nikita: Think Amanda Is Scary? Get Ready for Percy - Today’s News: Our Take |
Nikita’s Melinda Clarke On Amanda’s Uncertain Plans to “Cancel” Alex: “She”s In Serious Trouble’ - TVLine.
“Nikita”s’ Melinda Clarke reveals - From Inside the Box - Zap2it.
Oh No They Didn’t! Flawless HBIC Maggie Q Round Up Post.
On The Wavelength With “Nikita’s” Lyndsy Fonseca |
POLL - Who will (SPOILER) in the Nikita season finale? | Spoiler TV.
What Makes A Perfect Female Action Hero? - Jezebel.

1x20-1x21 Reviews & Recaps
Episode Review Nikita - 1.21 - Betrayals  By... – The Television Fangirls.
jyorraku | Oh, it’s already been broughten!
jyorraku | The Calm Before - Nikita Picspam.
Nikita – Betrayals review « Van’s Inner Universe.
Nikita – Could Xander Berkeley get any better? | CliqueClack TV.
Nikita 1.21 “Betrayals” Recap and Review |
NIKITA “Betrayals” Review | Daemon’s TV.
Nikita “Betrayals” S1 E21 Review + Recap « Media Consommé.
“Nikita” Episode 1.21 Review: “Betrayals” – Percy Steals the Show »
Nikita “Glass Houses” S1 E20 Review « Media Consommé.
Nikita Review: “Betrayals” - TV Fanatic.
“Nikita” Season 1, Episode 21 Recap.
Nikita: “Betrayals” Review - TV Review at IGN.
Nikita: Set ‘em Up, Knock ‘em Down? « Splat Talk.
POLL : What did you think of Nikita - Betrayals? | Spoiler TV.
Review #2488: Nikita 1.20: “Glass Houses” « Critical Myth.
Review #2504: Nikita 1.21: “Betrayals” « Critical Myth.
Review: Nikita – Betrayals | Film School Rejects.
The CW Source: Nikita recap: Betrayals.
TV Reviews | Player Affinity | Nikita - Betrayals.
TV with Abe: What I’m Watching: Nikita.

CW seaon ratings (Smallville, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, ANTM) | TV Series Finale.
Ratings Clack – The Voice has a great debut | CliqueClack TV.
Ratings for Bones, Nikita, CSI, Grey’s Anatomy, American Idol - TVLine.
Ratings News - 6th May 2011 | Spoiler TV.
Ratings: The Office Drops Without Steve Carell - Today’s News: Our Take |
Thursday Final Ratings: “American Idol,” “Big Bang Theory,” “CSI,” “The Mentalist,” “Community,” “The Vampire Diaries” Adjusted Up; “Bones,” “Parks & Recreation” Adjusted Down - Ratings | TVbytheNumbers.
TV Ratings Thursday: “Bones,” “American Idol,” “Parks & Rec,” ’30 Rock’ “Private Practice,” “Nikita”Rise; “Grey”s Anatomy,’ “The Office,” “Big Bang Theory,” “CSI” Fall - Ratings | TVbytheNumbers.
TV Ratings: Thursday May 5, 2011 | the TV addict.
TV show ratings (American Idol, Outsourced, Community, Office, Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy, Bones) | TV Series Finale.

“Bones,” “Grey”s Anatomy,’ “Vampire Diaries”: Find out what’s next in the Spoiler Room | Inside TV |
Mega Buzz: A Five-0 Death, Bad Botox on Modern Family and a Smallville Quest - Today’s News: Our Take |
Nikita - Episode 1.22 - Pandora - Promo | Spoiler TV.
Nikita - New Promotional Photo | Spoiler TV.
Nikita - Season 1 Finale - Episode 1.22 - Pandora - Sneak Peek | Spoiler TV.
NIKITA “Pandora” Episode 22 Photos | Daemon’s TV.
“Nikita” season finale scoop! | Inside TV |
Nikita Sneak Peek: Alex is in Trouble in 1.21 “Betrayals.”
PHOTOS: Nikita’s first season finale - Los Angeles TV Insider |
Who Will (SPOILER) on the Nikita Season Finale? - TV Fanatic.

Fan Fic
Alexandra’s Revenge by PianoKeys913 [Nikita, Alex] (T)
All Fall Down Chapter 12: Losing Control by SheWhomeLaughsLast [Nikita/Alex] (T) [WIP]
All I Need by Mikita011 [Michael/Nikita] (T) [WIP]
Beautiful Hands by XxMiseryLovesMexX [Michael/Nikita] (K)
Fic: Life (Worth Dying For) by [ profile] misscam [Michael/Nikita] (Teen)
Collide Chapter 9 by Mrs. Data [Michael/Nikita] (M) [WIP]
Nothing To Live For by meee18 [Michael/Nikita] (T)
Unspoken Truth Chapter 10: Out by SueBaby22 [Michael/Nikita] (M) [WIP]
Where We Belong Chapter 10: And So It Begins by ChicaNikki149 [Michael/Nikita] (M) [WIP]
Boredom Is The Mind Killer Chapter 2: So tired of waiting by chuckfanatic01 [Michael/Nikita] (T) [WIP]
Fill Me With Your Poison by Colladore [Birkhoff/Alex] (M) [WIP]

Stack of #Nikita finale screeners just arrived in need of a h... on Twitpic.


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