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I've added fics and related fest links that I've come across. :p

Newly Added Networks (Links)
Maggie Q Online • Your Newest Maggie Q Fansite. added to Characters Section
Melinda Clarke Online || The largest & most comprehensive Melinda Clarke resource online. added to Characters Section
Nikita Fan Website - Forum. added to Communities & Forums
Nikita in Survivor Sucks Forums. added to Communities & Forums

In the Media (May Contain Spoilers!)
“Nikita” star teases “dynamic” cliffhanger - Nikita News - TV - Digital Spy.
“Nikita”: Shane West on filming his hot scenes with Maggie Q and upcoming “chaos” | Inside TV |
“Nikita”s’ Shane West on “Mikita”s’ future: “It”s not going to be easy-peasy’ - From Inside the Box - Zap2it.
Honda Civic launches “to each their own campaign”, starring a Champion Luchador, a Ninja, a Zombie, a Monster.... |
Nikita – The curious case of Shane West | CliqueClack TV.
Nikita: Nikita - Bing Videos.
Nikita: Shane West Talks Twists, Turns and Season 1’s End - TV Feature at IGN.
Nikita’s Shane West: The Mikita Honeymoon Isn’t Over ... Yet - Today’s News: Our Take |
PHOTOS: Shane West previews various “Betrayals” on ’Nikita’ - Los Angeles TV Insider |
SpoilerTV Favourite TV Romantic Couple Competition - Who Is In The Final Competition + Poll For Final 5 Places | Spoiler TV.
TV Fanatic Exclusive: Nikita Star Lyndsy Fonseca on the Evolution and Future of Alex - TV Fanatic.
twitition - Renew #Nikita for a second season! @CW_network.

1x19-1x20 Reviews & Recaps
“Nikita” Season 1, Episode 20 Recap.
Inside Pulse | Nikita Episode 1-19 Review: Girl’s Best Friend.
Inside Pulse | Nikita Episode 1-20 Review: Glass Houses.
Nikita - 1.20 - Glass Houses - Review | Spoiler TV.
Nikita - Episode 1.20 - Glass Houses - Craig Silverstein Preview | Spoiler TV.
Nikita – Glass Houses review « Van’s Inner Universe.
Nikita “Girl’s Best Friend” S1 E19 Review « Media Consommé.
NIKITA “Glass Houses” Review | Daemon’s TV.
Nikita 1.20 “Glass Houses” Recap and Review |
Nikita Girl’s Best Friend Screencaps.
Nikita Review: “Glass Houses” - TV Fanatic.
Nikita: “Glass Houses” Review - TV Review at IGN.
Nikita: Shall We Try It Without Guns?! « Splat Talk.
Review #2477: Nikita 1.19: “Girl’s Best Friend” « Critical Myth.
Review: Nikita – Glass Houses | Film School Rejects.
Review: Nikita TV News Glass Houses — HaLaMovie.
The CW Source: Nikita: Glass Houses.
The TV Obsessed: Review - Nikita Season 1 Episode 20 Glass Houses.
TV Reviews | Player Affinity | Nikita - Glass Houses.
TV with Abe: What I’m Watching: Nikita.
What the Hell, Nikita? Another bad episode?! | CliqueClack TV.
Nikita S1 E19 by [ profile] ashuora
TV on 4-28-11 by [ profile] gpgurl50
Nikita: Episode 1x21 Glass Houses by [ profile] koalathebear
Nikita - 120 - Glass House by [ profile] milmiss

“Criminal Minds,” “Supernatural,” “Castle,” “NCIS: LA”: Find out what’s next in the Spoiler Room | Inside TV |
Nikita - Episode 1.21 - Betrayals - Promo | Spoiler TV.
NIKITA Season 1 Finale Promo Photos: You Can HANG Your Hat On Nikki.
Nikita Sneak Peek: Michael & Nikita Scheme in 1.20 “Glass Houses.”
The Deadbolt News - Nikita: Betrayals Photos.

Fan Fics
A Taste Of What You Paid For Chapter 3: A lonely speaker in a conversation by chuckfanatic01 [Michael/Nikita][T][WIP]
Collide Chapter 8 by Mrs. Data [Michael/Nikita][T][WIP]
Exotic Escapades Chapter 5 by Lilyx1021 [Michael/Nikita][T][WIP]
Extraction by [ profile] Sushi [Michael/Nikita][Teen+][WIP]
Taking Chances by Santos J. Black [Michael/Nikita][K+]
Team Nikita Chapter 5: Nerd Finds Out by ChicaNikki149 [Michae/Nikita][M][WIP]
The Whole Problem by [ profile] misscam [Michael/Nikita][Teen+]
Unplanned Beauty Chapter 4: Revelations by ChicaNikki149 [Michael/Nikita][M][WIP]
Where We Belong Chapter 9: Sacrafices by ChicaNikki149 [Michael/Nikita][M][WIP]

Big Sister, Little Sister Chapter 3 by kiratotherescue [Alex, Nikita][T]
The Best Laid Plans Chapter 9 by Lady Nadia [Alex, Nikita][T][WIP]

NIKITA/ALEX FANFIC: “TWO”S COMPANY; THREE’S A CROWD.’ by [ profile] readthesubtext [Nikita/Alex][PG13]

Interogation by Rosel [Alex, Michael][T]

Alex/Jaden, NC17: Burn Out The Sun by [ profile] lyssie [Alex/Jaden][NC17]

Redemptive Souls Renew Chapter 3: Stay by Rosel [Owen/Alex][T][WIP]

Risks Chapter 7: Meet Me Halfway by xBlossom [Birkhoff/OC, Michael][T][WIP]

The Pursuit of Freedom Chapter 1: Mission Gone Awry by ProcrastinatorUnited [Alex][T][WIP]

A Mission at Mystic Falls Chapter 11: I Love You by damonsalvatoregrl [Damon/Alex][T][WIP]

Fan Fests
Female Character Trope Fest: Prompts Masterlist. by [personal profile] such_heights


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